Crack of Dawn

Turn out the lights
Pull the shades
Katy bar the door
Set the traps
Get the blades
Somebody find the .44
Everybody’s gonna party down
Until the thrill is gone
There’ll be no getting in or out
Until the crack of dawn

The devil’s rain is pourin’ down
Upon this town tonight
How many lives will it wash away
Before the morning light
She’s dyin’ slow for a nickel blow
It’s her only reason to hang on
She’ll sell her soul and she’ll pay the toll
Before the crack of dawn

The crack of dawn
Crack of dawn

A good time’s just a place in line
Waiting for that magic blast
Katy’s livin’ for the moment
But the moment never seems to last
Her baby’s cryin’ in the corner
The cops are at the door
No one knows what’s goin’ on
And Katy’s on the floor

It’s the crack of dawn
Crack of dawn

by Rick Cooper & John Schwab
© 1990 Waterbury Road Music / Cry In Your Beer Music