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The cover of Family Reunion, as first published in paperback by Pinnacle Books in 1990.

The cover of Family Reunion for the new eBook version published in 2011. (photo courtesy of Chris Chludenski, © 2011)

I coauthored the suspense novel Family Reunion
with Mark Davis under our pseudonym, “Nicholas Sarazen.”
Family Reunion was originally published
by Pinnacle Books in July, 1990.

Family Reunion sold out its first printing of 40,000 copies,
but Pinnacle let it go out of print. Go figure.
Used copies can often be found on

But if you don't want to track down
a used paperback copy of our book,
Family Reunion is now available as an eBook!

Below is how to get a copy for your eBook reader.
Further information is also available at our website,

No computer link is available.
Instead, go to the iBookstore on your iPad
and search for
Family Reunion
or Nicholas Sarazen.