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(I will update my bio soon.
The following was written years ago
by a close friend. Some of the info is outdated
so I was going to take down the entire page,
but much of what was written does describe me,
for better or worse. So, instead of deleting, I
have done some editing and updating, all in RED)


from a friend’s point of view:

You’re having a dinner party, and you would like to have an eclectic mix of guests to keep the conversation lively. You are thinking about inviting the following:

A songwriter, a marathon runner, an author, a concert promoter, a skydiver, a charity fundraiser, a record company executive, an editor, a Harley rider, a videographer, a music publisher, and a food pantry volunteer.

You eventually decide to invite just one person: Rick Cooper. With that one guest, though, you will still have a songwriter, a marathon runner, an author, a concert promoter, a skydiver, a charity fundraiser, a record company executive, an editor, a Harley rider, a videographer, a music publisher, and a food pantry volunteer. The man has worn many hats, even to dinner.

Still, you know there’s a good chance that Rick won’t show up. And of course, even if he does, he won’t eat anything...

Rick Cooper has written the lyrics to several hundred songs. His songs have been recorded by McGuffey Lane, John Schwab, J. D. Blackfoot, Sirens, Jeff Allen, Bobby Ross, Bill Boggess of The Bellows, and others. Some rather famous people (in addition to those already mentioned) have played on recordings of Rick’s songs, including multi-Grammy winners Bela Fleck and Mark O’Connor. Kenny Aronoff, former and long-time drummer for John Mellencamp, has played on six of Rick’s songs. Corky Laing of Mountain (their big hit was “Mississippi Queen”) played drums on one of Rick’s songs. Stella Parton (yes, Dolly’s lovely and equally talented sister) sang background vocals on two of Rick’s songs. Mike Nugen and Jeff Ciampa played on a number of his songs. The list of talented players is both long and impressive.

Rick has completed 31 marathons (26.2 mile races) so far, including the Boston Marathon (2x). See the “Running” tab for details.
(the marathon total is now 32!)

Rick Cooper and Mark Davis coauthored the suspense novel “Family Reunion” under the pseudonym “Nicholas Sarazen.” "Family Reunion" was published by Pinnacle and sold 40,000 copies. See the “Books” tab for details.

Rick promoted several all-original, all-acoustic concerts by John Schwab. Net proceeds from the concerts were donated to The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Team In Training program.

Rick has jumped from a perfectly good airplane on seven occasions. The last four jumps were to raise money for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Team In Training program.

By running marathons, promoting concerts, releasing a CD, skydiving, and playing a one-on-one basketball game against an All-Ohio member of the DeSales High School girls’ basketball team, Rick raised over $28,000 for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Team In Training program.

Rick Cooper was the Director of Publishing/International for Sisapa Record Co., Inc., a record label that was home to John Schwab, J. D. Blackfoot, The Marshall Tucker Band, Crazy Horse (Neil Young’s band), Paul Cotton of Poco fame, and others. Rick later established his own record label and released a CD titled “Just A Few Words Between Friends (Featuring The Lyrics Of Rick Cooper)” in 2001. See the “Music” and “Discography” tabs for details.

Rick edits fiction and non-fiction books.

Coop is on his Harley almost every day.
(I totaled my Harley and was almost totaled myself on 07/23/11 when a car pulled out in front of me--fractured pelvis in 2 places, shoulder still not right, etc. Replaced the Harley in 2012 with a Honda PCX150 scooter.)

Rick is a digital videographer with a very interesting project in the works for 2011.
(the accident put this project on the shelf)

Rick Cooper and George Jeffrey formed CoJef Music in 1976. Rick later started his own publishing company, Waterbury Road Music.

Rick has volunteered at the Lake Cares Food Pantry in Mount Dora, FL, since its inception.
(I still support the pantry but am no longer volunteering)

Rick has always been an athlete. He was a 3 sport letterman in high school--basketball, football, and golf. He started his high school’s golf team. He ran his first marathon at age 37, and has completed a total of 31 marathons (so far). (32 marathons)

He graduated in just 10 quarters from The Ohio State University (OSU) in Columbus, OH. His major was criminology. He met his future writing partner, Mark Davis, at OSU. He applied and was accepted into the law program at Capital University, but he dropped out before classes started. He had just secured a publishing contract for his first book, and he was also establishing a songwriting partnership with McGuffey Lane’s John Schwab. Rick later attended a year of grad school in journalism at OSU, but discontinued his studies to pursue other interests. Rick always seems to be pursuing other interests.

Rick has been loyal to Apple Computers since purchasing an Apple IIe in 1983. He has lost track of how many Apple computers he has had over the years. All but three of his old computers were donated to a private Apple computer museum located in Salem, NH. Rick is currently quite content with his iMac...and G5...and G4...and Mac Mini...
(the computer inventory changes regularly these days as I am downsizing)

Rick has been married to his wife, Linda, for over 30 years. The relationship should continue unless Linda comes to her senses...