I’ve been writing songs since 1975. My first songwriting partner was the late, great, George Jeffrey. George and I wrote several hundred songs from 1975 until he died far too young in 1993.

When George and I started writing together, consumer recording equipment was very primitive compared to what is available today. When we finished a song, George would record a rough (emphasis on “rough”) demo on a reel to reel tape or a cassette. George was an extremely talented guitarist, but he was the first to admit his vocal skills were a bit lacking. So, with his vocals and the primitive equipment and the tape hiss, our demos were...well, like I said, they were rough. But underneath it all, we thought we had some decent songs at that time. We were just never able to get anyone to record them.

Fast forward 30+ years to the present. George and I had a mutual friend named Mel Besher. Mel is a great singer/songwriter. The list of country artists who have recorded Mel’s songs is very long--Alan Jackson, Reba McEntire, Don Williams, etc., etc.

Mel and I were good buddies--I was even in his wedding--but over the years we were focused our own careers and we just lost track of each other. In the spring of 2009 we got back in touch. We started talking about the wild and crazy days with George, and the songs that George and I wrote together. Maybe it was reminiscing about George, or maybe it was the beer, but whatever it was, we decided that Mel would record an entire CD of Rick Cooper/George Jeffrey songs. All of the songs are over 30 years old, so they are not cutting edge country. Instead of trying to make them what they are not, Mel and I decided that he would do them with a very sparse arrangement--for the most part, just Mel and his guitar.

We knew the project would be a labor of love for both of us, but we didn’t know what to expect once Mel hit the studio. We’re about 2/3 finished with the CD, and we couldn’t be happier with what we have so far. (UPDATE! IT HAS NOW BEEN RELEASED!)

For a sample of one of the songs, click on the link below. Keep in mind that we haven’t adjusted levels or anything, so the final CD version will sound better.

Another Love Like Her <----------------------
(written by Rick Cooper & George Jeffrey, performed by Mel Besher. All rights reserved.)

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